In many ways this spiritual community of monks and priests is like many others. We spend time studying ancient knowledge, meditating, gardening and generally improving ourselves.

Unlike many spiritual communities, we do not promote a particular creed or doctrine, but a lifestyle. And unlike almost all others, we are open about utilizing sexual energy as part of our path.

At the present time, the Throne of Melchizedek, the source of the power of the Priesthood, has been manifested and moved to Hawaii. What we do with that power is the work of the Priesthood.

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While it is possible for Priests and Monks to live out in the world, at present we are focused on them as the heart of the community of Nasalam, For general lifestyle guidelines, refer to the NASALAM website.

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*** - Eating A Plant-based Diet

*** - Tantric (Erotic/Sexual) Practices

*** - Kabala Used by the Order of Melchizedek

*** - A Group Meditation

*** - Becoming A Priest

*** - Joseph Kramer on Monastic Community

*** - A List of Some Relevant Books

*** - The Religious Dimension of Human Experience

*** - A Metaphysical Perspective on the Order of Melchizedek

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The Order of Melchizedek is

a 501(c)3 non-profit spiritual organization